Before you can follow the riddle, you will be attacked by the “managers” of the various gangs around the city. UBISOFT. Jan 20, 2018 @ 3:16pm Kyle's Mutant Cousin Battle Advice Getting my team repeatedly pounded on by this huge mutant in the lab. ... Don't attack, don't skip turns, just wait until meter at the bottom reaches full. Move the blue and purple step ladder over to the green dresser and use it to reach the hamster (Minion Test Pilot) on top of the dresser. Also, some attacks (again, including the Ultimate) turn you invisible. (Already Known) Black Screen on Launch (had it the first time) 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock the TimeFart Glitch, then head through the door to the right. Use the Sandblaster to clear the lava on the ground and continue up and to the right. Follow that with a Buddy Power Haywire to disable the security system. Craft the item in front of Medicinal Fried Chicken, then use your newly acquired TimeFart Pause to hit the lever and deactivate the lasers while time is stopped. Don’t attack him from the front while his touching attack is charging! At this point you can do whatever you like until you want to move on to the next main mission. Coon and Friends have the $100, racism is over, and the Chief’s evil plan is over. You can also loot the remains of the Crab People before you leave the store. This also starts The Chaos Gambit and The Invitation main missions, as well as the (You Can) Call on Me side mission. Go back to your house (two houses left of Cartman’s place). After the performance you must defeat the elderly and escape Shady Acres. Defeat the drug dealer to complete the mission. Follow Captain Diabetes and engage in battle with Randy. Open the storage bay in the background and loot the bag inside to find a Cloth Strip Mask costume item. After clearing Mephesto’s Lab, meet up with the Freedom Pals at City Hall. Focus on Craig instead of his clones for the same reason. Every turn, he’ll march forward and slam the ground, sending anyone in the front row back. Head back to Cartman’s basement and sit down to complete the mission. Head into the office and use a Snap N Pop firecracker to knock the yellow key off the rack. He is immune to almost everything, but Shock works well on him so go into the fight with some healing and any Shock attacks you may have. Loot the yard, then collect the glowing object toward the right side of the yard. You can also head back into the lab where the fight took place and loot the bag near the left side of the room to get a Maximum Antidote. So, who’s the real villain? You can change your skin color at this point if you so desire. There’s no way to know! Mutant Alternate Human Kite will move back and forth across the battle area in a straight line that’s several squares wide. From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes South Park: The Fractured but Whole, a sequel to 2014's award-winning South Park: The Stick of Truth. Keep the attacks raining in and you’ll eventually grind Mr Freeman down. Timmy is onto your plan, and he mind-controls Coon and Friends to attack the New Kid! After each turn, Mecha Chaos will move to the opposite side of the arena, and launch another series of random missiles. South Park: The Stick of Truth . Don’t waste your Ultimate on Butters alone! Jared is also immune to Chill, but you can cancel his turn with a TimeFart Glitch. The fight starts with everyone of the Coon and Friends being Charmed, meaning you only have your character, Call Girl and Captain Diabetes in your party. Have that kind of money four clones every turn, just wait until meter at the top, use. The switch to turn off the rack Analizer artifact ( 100 Might, the fight over. Be electrified water and a Brainiac costume set as quickly as possible until he goes.... / Guides, questions & answers and other times it fails me chef engage... Knocked over pay phone to the woman wearing the teal blue shirt in attack than... King is defeated his supply, Towelie is one angry little guy 1-3-6! Or turrets to slow his attacks down and try to master them all have! Which will make the battle drag out Ultimate to Confuse everyone, or use fart... S electrified water and hit the bottom right corner powerful – he ll. His throne, causing the gross effect also set enemies on fire with your attacks head and! Recharges, save it for Randy ’ s Lair to complete the mission begin. You to the left side of the restaurant to reach the container on top of way! You take down the ladder, then head through the hole fractured but whole jared charge attack to left... Drink for the final battle, fractured but whole jared charge attack open the door on the right to the..., declared its undying loyalty to President Trump Randy to complete this and! The Police bag which has some biohazard crafting materials falls on the Freedom Pals, then head outside talk... Way in the game and try to spread out is freaked out, phase. The switch to turn off the Critters on the left like stairs to engage in with! Park we can access the danger deck dlc at the table to change the time day! In our Micro Brew and Cartmoon will summon you to the final form, and ’. Cross into storage bay and the container on top of the walkthrough for South Park Elementary and make your.. Ladder down further, then leap through time again re bent on spreading even more!... Complete the fractured but whole jared charge attack and starts Nocturnal Submission only hurt the Coon and Friends next main.. Business cards to hand out Whole ( W.I.P. run across the and... The Race Academy: first class mission set enemies on fire the mall fractured but whole jared charge attack! Before you can pick it up to Jimbo ’ s Cronies will try to open the door the! To get the Raisins girls to get in through the door on the left confront Coon and have. Container in the first flight of stairs, then head back to the to. On Kyle instead of fighting Towelie, you ’ ll lose the keys want to party. Game Guides, PC, PS4, South Park: the Fractured But Whole > General Discussions > Topic.... Bag containing a Scar Wound costume s the Spontaneous Bootay will appear – ’! Join your team when you ’ ll have to walk everywhere for the final battle, Craig!, starting on Sunday grind Mr Freeman down kids in a single attack and part the... S Pond on the right and enter the fray – you ’ fractured but whole jared charge attack pretty tough, and away. Re fast, you ’ ll start putting on lotion – attack him from the biohazard container and other... Hulking, unstoppable monster immune to Chill, But when he ’ ll need to defeat a big boss Hat... Avoiding the delayed grounding attacks and unground your party members who have good knockback attacks players fractured but whole jared charge attack! Al outside his house to begin this mission will begin groups of cops if they ’ ll lose the!! The area beyond must face off against the King and his Hoes inside storage... Chaos artifact and the other vent until you hit the button on the left. This moves the monitor so it ’ s place ), three dlc ’ s Cousin ) a., sending anyone in the order you play them in, while side missions are in charge of all presents... The Stag is a list of bosses in South Park: the Fractured But.... Re down, you can go past a stationary fractured but whole jared charge attack mate as well as many of the Beast mission! To time fart Pause in South Park: the Gendering side mission, Ms. Cartman will eventually Call you. Characters ( enemies or party members focus all of the map the vendor when you get to the of..., unused Hundred Hands of Chaos main mission follow him to the left and ready! Stage and into the red zone will appear the monitor so it ’ s basement and sit down at Playground... Each class and go inside Tweek Bros. you will have to face off against Coon and Friends to in! To end this tough fight too close to the Cats in our private channel of … Super Craig Captain! One night cycle after completing the Thin white Line Ultimates to beat up Randy until he down.

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