Place the grated cucumber in a mixing bowl and mix in the yogurt. Mix beets, yogurt, chopped mint, tarragon, oil, and 2 teaspoons vinegar in a medium bowl; season with salt and more vinegar, if desired. In Episode #5, co-hosts Bita Arabian and Beata Nazem Kelley talk about yogurt and the role it plays in Persian food and cooking. khiar Variations of this Persian Borani Esfanaj dish are popular throughout the Mediterranean region. This dish is best when eaten the same day. I would love to know if you find your own favorite way to enjoy Maast O Khiar! Then add the yogurt with salt and pepper to the shallots. Add the plain yogurt and Greek yogurt to spinach mixture and stir to combine. Persian yogurt is mixed with either dill or mint, in my case both, as well as chopped up cucumbers, salt and pepper. Serve with whole grain bread pieces, pita wedges or French baguette croutons. Presented here in two ways - as a traditional salad and in a modern … Dried shallots and rose petals are available at Persian grocery stores or online. First, soak the shallots in water from the night before so they soften. As they say in Persian or Farsi, لطفا ماست را منتقل کنید or “Please pass the yogurt”! I made a basic version with cucumbers, yogurt, and dried mint. 1 lb yogurt. Persian meals always have such wonderful balance to them. The flavors meld well when it is left to chill for some hours. Maast Mast O Musir Persian Yogurt Dip CALORIES & NUTRITION VALUES. Kashke bademjan is a Persian eggplant dip. salt & pepper. ; Add cucumber and … khiar). I did a bit of research because I did not know if I should have made small holes in the eggplant or not. Subscribe to receive my latest recipes via email that you can view on your favorite smartphone or browser. Place them on the grill. Yield: 4 servings Prep time: 10-15 minutes. Simple, healthy and tasty Persian Yogurt with Spinach dip is great with vegetables or bread. Next you throw a handful of raisins in to give the dip more texture, and then bam! Then, place your Mast o Musir in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If you’ve made it please share it with me by tagging @culinary.butterfly on Instagram or @culinarybutterfly on Pinterest, or by using the hashtag #culinarybutterfly on Facebook. Enjoy it as a refreshing sauce over tacos, soups, gyros, and sandwiches. To serve, may drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle rose petals on the top. But its simplest form, with herbs and cucumbers, is most popular. Side note: I called this a ‘dip’ (as do most others) but it’s more than that – in fact it’s typically eaten on it’s own, as a side dish to rice or just with bread. [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Borani Bademjan Recipe – Persian Yogurt and Eggplant Dip – – eggplants, whole plain yogurt, yellow onions, thinly sliced, garlic, minced, dried mint, fresh dill, finely chopped, lemon juice, tumeric, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, vegetable oil,, Preheat oven to 400F. I first tasted this delightful dish at a dinner party hosted by my gorgeous friend, Sohiela, who makes the most wonderful Persian food. Mast-o-Khiar is a Persian Yogurt and Cucumber Dip. Cover and let it chill until served. Place chopped herbs and garlic in a food processor bowl and process until smooth. Cover and chill at least 3 hours to let flavors meld. My favorite way to enjoy Maast As a side dish or part of a traditional mezze. o– Many of my Persian friends make Adjust as per taste. Transfer to a serving bowl. Assemble it in just 5 minutes! Cut cucumbers in half, then cut in half again and slice in 1/4 inch pieces. If we’re going to make a dip, we should do it properly. Serve … 1 cup of yogurt (preferably Persian yogurt) 1/2 tsp + 1/4 tsp dried mint. Some use dried edible rose petals in place of mint, shallots instead of onions, and dried nuts, and raisins for a little more texture. Step 4 The word “Esfanaj” in Farsi means Spinach and “Borani” is the yogurt part of the dip. Transfer into yogurt bowl and mix until combined. The next day, pour the water away and chop the shallots (the smaller the better). Mast o Khiar – Persian Cucumber Yogurt Dish Bonus – the mast o khiar tastes even better after it’s sat for a day or two and the flavors have melded – if it lasts that long that is! It’s such an easy quick recipe but makes for a delicious dip for bread, crackers or crisps (I’m talking about chips, … Traditionally Mast o musir is prepared with dried wild shallots called musir which is different … I garnished it with more dried mint and walnuts. Borani Esfanaaj is a Traditional Persian appetizer made with Yogurt and spinach. We start with a creamy Greek yogurt then get the traditional grated cucumber and ripped mint leaves in there. Mast- ... You may keep this dip refrigerated in an airtight container until serving time. And receive a Free gift in your inbox! Persian Yogurt Dip (Mast-o-khiar) This is a very simple and refreshing yogurt dip, and it could be a fun food activity for kids! . Before serving the dip sprinkle optional crispy fried shallots and walnut halves on top. So when you eat a big meal you always get help from eating some beautiful herbs on the side, salad, or yogurt dishes like maast o moosir or even maast o khiar (yogurt, dill and cucumber dip… is traditionally eaten as a Persian salad or side dish but also pairs nicely topped over fajitas, sandwiches, a dip with crackers and vegetables, spooned over gazpacho soup, and any recipe complimented by yogurt and cucumbers. The cucumbers lose liquid over time, creating a watery consistency in the yogurt. Depending on who is making it, mast o khiar can include other ingredients, too. Spoon Maast O Khiar into a serving bowl and garnish the top with dried dill and or dried rose pedals. Colorful, creamy and delicious Persian yogurt beet dip is a simple and easy to make recipe. khiar in a variety of ways. Spoon Maast O Khiar into a serving bowl and garnish the top with dried dill and or dried rose pedals. And this Persian cucumber dip is doing things properly. k This will help get rid of the strong flavor, if there is any. All you need are the above ingredients. Wash and dry eggplants. Once the spinach is wilted, add in mined garlic and stir. They cover the impressive health benefits, popular uses, and their favorite recipes using yogurt. In Farsi, kashke refers to a product similar to yogurt and bademjan means eggplant. You take a classic, refreshing yogurt dip – then elevate it to the next level. o You can also mix in raisins, chopped walnuts and dried rose petals. May 3, 2016 - Mast o Khiar (Persian Yogurt and Cucumber Dip) is a Persian classic is healthy, easy and refreshing. yogurt, blackberries, vanilla yogurt, blueberries, mozzarella cheese and 2 more Creamy Cucumber, Fennel & Yogurt Dip Ramona's Cuisine fennel, cayenne pepper, sea salt, cucumber, yogurt, garlic, fennel seeds and 2 more … Saffron Yogurt Rice with Spinach and Prunes. khiar is with a traditional Persian meal of saffron rice, chicken or beef kabobs, and salad Shirazi. It’s made with plain yogurt, cucumbers and dried mint in just five minutes. If using dried shallots, boil 2 cups of water and pour it over. Mast-o-khiar is a scrumptious classic Persian salad of cool cucumbers with creamy yogurt, and infused with fragrant herbs. Like other yogurt dips in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, like Indian raita or Greek tzatziki, you can serve mast-o khiar four ways: . Use this under-5 ingredients base recipe to create variations with just a few additional spices or … Mast O Khiar, a Persian Yogurt Dip is always a group favorite! Common additions include toasted nuts, like walnuts or almonds, and dried fruit, like raisins or dried cranberries. In a medium bowl, mix the yogurt, garlic, shallots, mint, salt, and pepper. Peel and finely dice the cucumbers into 1/4-inch cubes. Mix well. hiar is a traditional Persian side dish made with yogurt (mast) and cucumber ( The dip can be served immediately or chilled in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let the dried shallots soak until soft. Add the finely chopped shallots to the yogurt, salt and mix well. Persians love their yogurt! 2 Persian cucumbers. o 1 tbsp dried mint. Great to serve as a dip/ mezze, dressing or with warm flatbread and curry. Mast o khiar is a traditional Persian side dish served with meat and rice. Let the dried shallots soak until soft. oil. Cook for 5 minutes over medium heat or … The dip makes a delicious appetizer and is often served with … It comes together quickly and is customizable based on individual tastes. One way to extend the life of Mast Khiar is to lightly sprinkle the prepared cucumbers with salt and allow them to drain in a colander for 30 minutes before adding to the yogurt, preserving the quality of this dish for a day or more. We like the thick, creamy texture of organic yogurt, though you can use any kind of plain, fat-free yogurt. Add yogurt to a small-medium mixing bowl and mix in cucumbers and all the rest of the ingredients. Carefully squeeze out and discard the excess water from the grated cucumber – you can do this by hand or in a sieve. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. This recipe is a traditional version using only yogurt, cucumbers, mint, garlic, shallots, sea salt, and a little black pepper. Place cucumbers in a clean dish towel or paper towel and gently squeeze out any liquid. Borani is a delicious Persian spinach yogurt dip – A must have appetiser for any party! We even drink yogurt in a drink called doogh made of yogurt, water, and mint. Mast-o khiar is a Persian cucumber-yogurt dip flavored with dried mint. I picked the alphabet ‘P’ … In Food Around The World, Gluten-free, Recipes | Delicious and Quick Recipes for Real Food by Lisa Soldo-JohnsonJuly 6, 2017Leave a Comment. Letting the dip … Mast- Recipes | Delicious and Quick Recipes for Real Food. Add 1 tablespoon of dried mint, sat, and pepper to yogurt. Mast o Musir or (Yogurt dip) is a traditional Iranian Recipe commonly served with main course, special kabab. Drain and soak a couple more times and rinse it well. I should make you aware of a little learning lesson. Ingredients ¼ cup black or golden raisins 3 Persian cucumbers (about 1/2 pound) 24 ounces Greek yogurt or labneh (3 cups) 2 tablespoons any combination of finely … Recipe by Shaya Chatraei for o salt & pepper. Many Middle Eastern cultures serve this creamy yogurt dish with meals that typically include meat and rice. If using dried shallots, boil 2 cups of water and pour it over.

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