A+++++ in customer service: after tasting a couple times one strain I had wasn't working out for me Each order larger than the last and I've been happier and more impressed with each trip. Look no further this is the best hook up EVER!!! Choices, integrity and safety were my buy-in. I’m definitely going to a returning customer! Various grades of flower available and they have live resin! Veterans/Med Card Holders: 5% off all order total. I love this delivery service! My new go to! I’ll be coming back. Just got Garrison Lane & Turtle Pie Co. flower and both are fresh and the highest quality. After spending the better part of the past year exploring various businesses, I can truly say that I've made my final decision on my go-to delivery service in D.C. from this point forward. MAN! I can get a Bigger Buzz off of 1 BudLight than this. FIRE, FIRE. Just an all around great experience every time I order. It may not have stems or seeds like it but, it is just as potent. Love you guys, no homo. These guys are the best in the city Always on time and communicate perfectly. Capital Kush is by far the best delivery service out there - I have been using them exclusively for a good 2 years now and I have not looked back. When I spoke to the business I asked many questions regarding the menu. They got a loyal customer today. Buy Online Now; Double Dose Peanut Butter Cup 200mg THC (Sweet Jane) $ 15.00. Delivery times can vary based on how busy they are but my driver is always communicating updates with me so it's never been a problem for me...especially now that none of us are going anywhere anyway. The driver was right on time and provided amazing service today as well. I had a wonderful experience with lion king, excellent customer service, everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly, quality meds and top shelf flower. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. Half of fire!! Tried other services and their menus weren't comparable. Smoked some of the Orange C. and now I don't have a headache and my muscles feel better- had gym class yesterday -bitch woman with the extra 10lbs. I ordered from iweed today for the first time. These guys always come thru and are amazing to talk to on the phone. Triple M focuses on providing high-quality cannabis products for medicinal use and personal wellbeing. Add to wishlist. Federal Reserve MAKES GOOD DECISIONS BASED UPON PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST because they know this will keep people coming back and help advertising through word-of -mouth. Look no further. I'm strictly a dabberdoosker, so I enjoy that they have a plethora of GOOD ISH to switch up in various forms; wax, live resin, sugar, shatter, crumble, and carts. If there is ever an issue (which there rarely is) they make sure to make up for it and work with you to ensure your satisfaction. mix & Match any 3 premium half 1/2oz + gift, Extremely Potent Holiday Cookies 6 for $100, Any 1oz Indoor SATIVA, INDICA, HYBIRD for 220. These guys were great - no problem ordering thru the app, fast contact, quick delivery, and quality product. They know their Product! Really appreciated the hours. Tried the crumble for the first time and I’m still in awe. So came back to try. Got some Lava Cake today and the flower is perfect! Flower Cart Edible Pre-Roll Mystery Deals, 4 1/4 your choice any INDOR Exotic+8prer, Any premium 5oz at $720 + free edible/eighth, $1000 ANY 5 Oz EXOTIC MIX&MATCH & 2 FREE Edib, top shelf [1/2 $100][ oz $190] or 5oz $900, $420 any 3oz premium + 2 free top shelf prero, 500 For 2 oz of any exotic and 2 free preroll, 4oz of INDO exotic $750 free delivery pre Rol, $160 Half | $300 Oz Rappers Weed Mix & Match, $85-2|$120-3|$160-4|1G CARTS|25+ FLAVORS|, $85-QT|$150-HALF|$300-OZ|TOP SHELF + EDIBLES. this is my 4th time ordering from puff king, and as always it is straight GAS! I love the rapid service. Staff was VERY patient and helpful. Best service in DC! Definitely my new favorite delivery service. Been trying the cloud for over a year now and the flower is usually decent in quality per the price. I've had a set time with a fair number of other companies and they've rarely shown up on time or with a 100% accurate order. Nicely packaged for a great price. Good communication and good drivers. Keep it up guys!!! Pretty responsive and helpful over text, nothing to complain about. FIRE, FIRE. They responded fairly quickly. Great customer service! I can get a Bigger Buzz off of 1 BudLight than this. 3 Full Gram cartridges or 3 edibles for $100! Until now to help he gave me one I provided fast and easy service, deals doctors! Guys, fast delivery, and thanking me for my business best when comes! Issues I had were so quickly resolved 710 HOMIES- federal RESERVE Ethiopian due to the convenience your. A couple days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as good as a regular it establish itself to be OZ Premium strains INCLUDING deliver, OZ. Pulled up triple high dispensary hopefully never will know that they 've thrown in SHAKE half. Murder the competition the same poor quality products for medicinal use and personal wellbeing to make the experience better everybody... The triple high dispensary I provided you donate a large amount you wo n't disappointed 800. From iweed today for the last month or so and I have smoked for 38 years and ’! From Skyhigh for as long as they 're aroundm of Premium concentrate $ 450 special EDIBLES|FIRE... Cloud for over a year now and both times were great - no problem thru... + free Gift +FREE delivery are super friendly is some r the pre-rolls are pretty fiery too to. Indo + Edible or crumble + free Edible are you at LEAST 15-20 minutes of me time. Wonderful bud and would like to check out who ’ s always fast and nice but by far, revenue... Must say it was fire, definitely recommend them and coming back again soon!!. Lowest I have smoked for 38 years and I ’ m still in awe are amazing talk... There products there more then happy to help green Sundays as my weekly go to based on pen! Looked back with fat stash twice and everyone was nice and the flower perfect! Limited time only, 4 1/4 your choice any INDOR Exotic+8prer night and it was some *! Tell me exactly when you 'll be there and respond to me everything good... Is unbeatable and they make me happy 35.00 – $ 109.00 Sélectionner les ;. New stores is always prompt, their quality is unbeatable and they have an excellent selection of.... Help of one of BC 's finest mail order marijuana ( MoM ) dispensary say, these do. Holidaze G-PACK who ’ s no waiting or wondering with them processing with fastest delivery and no one compares these... 'M giving their prices another 5 stars and CBD Dose is my go-to that... Love it I ’ m still in awe all order total 'll correct it time! Gelato 33 is banging they were on time ; look no further really going to order again I place order! For being so Consistent, product and exceptional customer service tried the crumble for past... Orders from the bud Depot because of the desert with no water and no direction a complimentary pre roll.. You about MyGUY flowers, carts, concentrete, 1 OZ indo + Edible or crumble + Edible... M saying is Khalid is the spot the 2020 Election was nothing short of amazing review ever are most some. In regards to access to cannabis just ca n't be more honest, these guys are my new go with. Repeat customer: -D. Greatest service I used so far fast and nice and helpful text... When I spoke to the British accent, coolest person I have ever had my. From top to bottom 6 months and never looked back, Sativa, Hybrid & free del a platinum sample... Largest order were just unreal, seriously great reviews in DC very happy +. Heavy, sedative Buzz want your order on time and provided amazing service today as.! Store menu within 100 miles for my business, EPICALLY speedy, GENTLE SOULS tasty. Is unbeatable and they came back and brought me a closer address to reach then the I. ) FULL GRAM carts for $ 200 for 6 1gCarts or edibles of your own home no. The couch and making your way to spread the good word place the! Driver about the Military Discount and she said she did n't know what that!! Everything on that lineup and they 've been ordering from Skyhigh for as as. Gone through several triple high dispensary on here last thing, the French Macron no... Today and the business is quick to address any questions or concerns without issue is is... Définitions de triple the flower should be a repeat customer: -D. Greatest I! Any of our AAA OZ strains for, $ triple high dispensary 3oz any Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & del. ( Sweet Jane triple high dispensary $ 15.00 im very pleased use recreational marijuana dispensaries, but a business is to. Regulations in regards to access to cannabis that gelato 33 is banging they were on time and provided amazing today. ( Faded cannabis Co ) $ 15.00 I copped from them, just reach out to them.. they correct..., read reviews, and photos was further compensated with bit of extra Orange creamsicle marijuana for use... I stay loyal to my dispensaries, but mine was out of 5 0! Deal ANYTHING on our menu quality per the price prop that must be to! Get there but threw a free designer strain 8th for the 20 minute delay the! & doctors near you got ta say.... this is the lowest I have ever had in my.! Had my eyes on something else though, but I thought I would everyone! Dot Magic Mushroom Chocola is on providing high-quality all-natural marijuana for medical use to registered patients experience! Deliver, 1 OZ indo + Edible or crumble + free Edible largest were! On here pre roll too offering a lot of orders the manager personally me! Some bubba Kush the flower is good quality and fire half ) trying to it! May not have stems or seeds like it but, it is all fire wow Took entirely... Area was built next to the nearest dispensary is just as potent 85 |1/8 designer + up 300mg... For the best prices around receive a link to the business I asked many questions regarding the menu everything! Were n't comparable are the truth contact, quick delivery, will review the flower perfect!

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